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Multiplaz North America has partnered with TimePayment Corporation, a recognized micro-ticket leasing company  to provide a market competitive finance alternative for the Multiplaz 3500 Portable package, and other Multiplaz products.
Multiplaz portable package includes the Multiplaz 3500, a 19.68 foot Torch Extension, 2 specialty Flux chemicals  and a M220 Adapt electrical connector package totaling 2,490. plus UPS ground shipping charges.
TimePayment Corporation  ( offers two competitive finance programs to United States commercial and consumer customers.

      1.  A 13 month (Bakers Dozen) program with approximately 8.5% simple interest; or
      2.  A 24 month Lease to Own Program.  Only 1 Payment in Advance for the 24 month lease-to-own program (interest depending on credit).

                Fast Credit Decisions when calling Time Payment's Vendor Hotline at (877) 872-1532


                Lease-to-Own program means you own the equipment at the end of the lease with terms of 13 months and 24 months.  

                13 month (Bakers Dozen) program available for minimum Commercial transactions totaling $3,000 and Consumer transactions totaling $1,700.
               All documentation sent and received electronically with no original documents required.

Program Requirements:  

                Complete Consumer or Commercial Application, Multiplaz will invoice TimePayment Corp.   
                Completed Executed Lease Documents
p-front payment (See details below for up-front payment requirements per program) 

State Requirements:
Upfront State Sales tax paid in ME, NJ and IL for both commercial and consumer transactions.
Special commercial  lease documentation is required in KS and VT.
13 Month (Baker's Dozen) Program requires:  
Complete Application (Commercial Lease Application or Consumer Application)  
Credit evaluated and scored to determine up-front payment requirements
2 or 3 payments plus applicable state sales tax and a documentation fee  due up-front at lease signing (number of up-front payments depending on credit)
Monthly payment is calculated by taking total purchase invoice divided by 12 months. (ex; invoice of $2150. divided by 12 = monthly payment $179.25 plus tax.  Make 13 payments of that amount and you own it. 

 $250 document fee required.   

24 Month Lease to Own Program requires:

Complete Application (Commercial Lease Application or Consumer Application) 
Credit evaluated and scored for monthly payment calculation based on TimePayment's credit based lease payment factors.
1 payment plus applicable state sales tax due up-front at lease signing.

Complete the application below and fax to TimePayment Corp. at  (781) 994-4938.  Or simply, call TimePayments Corp's Vendor Desk at (877) 872-1532  from Monday - Friday 9am EST to 5pm PST and give them the vendor code: 06P1Z 
If questions regarding financing contact TimePayment Corp.,  contact the vendor help desk at 877-872-1532, ext. 7122 or email and reference Multiplaz vendor code 06P1Z.  Direct questions to Ross Malinger at 866-994-7280 for program qualifying lease periods.
MULTIPLAZ Vendor Code for all applications is 06P1Z
                                                       Consumer Application (click once on link)
                                                       Commercial Application (click once on link)       




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